What We Do

A pupil in Masindi uses assistive devices in a public school in Uganda. Photo: UNICEF Uganda/2019/Adriko

Our Expertise:

Communication and Visibility — Our team of experts develop and implement communication and visibility activities for a wide range of our clients. We help organisations design and implement communication and visibility strategies.

Training — We train Communication Experts, Journalists, and other professionals in specific areas to improve their skills. We also train media houses on how to report issues affecting specific sectors.

Documentation — We help organisations document and tell their story to specific audiences. We find unique angles that inform audiences to achieve specific goals. Our team of experts use multimedia documentation skills to tell the story in formats that are suitable to audiences.

Editorial— Our team is comprised of former editors and journalists who can put together stories like no other. Whether you need annual reports, press releases, or speeches that wow the audience, our team is capable of finding the right words to help you achieve your goals.

Stakeholder Engagement — What do your stakeholders think about you? What do they know about the issues that affect you? Would engaging them make your life better? If the answer to the last question is yes, we come in and ensure that your stakeholders understand your issues and support you to achieve your goals.

Media Relations — As former newsroom executives and journalists, we know what informs journalists and how they react to situations. We know what makes them jump out of their chairs. We manage relations with the media on behalf of clients.

Events Management — From event concept design to execution, our team of experts know how to organize an event that becomes the talk of the town for corporate bodies, public institutions, and non-profit organisations.

Crisis and Reputation Management — We believe there is no crisis that happens without prior warning. We consider ourselves experts in identifying those signs and find solutions that enable organisations to avoid crises. However, if a crisis happens, we come in and handle it and protect the organisation’s reputation. With our cutting edge technology, we monitor an organization 24/7 and provide reports so management can act in real-time.

Cause Branding — A lot of organisations love giving back but in ways that don’t speak about the brand values or giving so little that makes no impact. Our cause branding experts study the organization and design an approach that is effective and sustainable.